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State Honoree

Lisa Torres


assisted the activity directors at a local senior citizens home. Lisa, who would like to be a nurse one day, was approached by the activity director who needed help planning and implementing special events for the residents. “I enjoyed talking, visiting, and helping the seniors out,” said Lisa. She spent countless hours after school at the center helping with activities, and just being a good listener and friend. Lisa learned how to respect and interact with the seniors, treating them like adults even if a mental illness caused them to act like children. “The most difficult part was when a resident passed away,” she said. “When they die, you lose your grandmother or grandfather, or your closest friend. It taught me that life is short, and we should use it to bring a positive effect to someone’s life.” In addition to her volunteer work at the senior center, Lisa and other members of her church youth group helped prepare and serve a Thanksgiving meal to the needy in her area.