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State Honoree

Molly Peters-Stanley


Molly Peters-Stanley, 18, of Conway, Ark., a member of the Faulkner County 4-H and a home-schooled student, founded a program called “Sew a Smile 4U,” which provides “care cloths” filled with toiletry items for needy people. Molly was first motivated by hearing Nancy Zeiman, host of Public Television’s “Sew with Nancy,” challenge young tailors to help their communities. Then, while volunteering at a local shelter, Molly heard a woman say that her most prized possession was a bar of soap. “It seemed like such a simple request, a basic need that should be met,” said Molly. She solicited local businesses for donations of toiletry items and wash-cloths, and placed ads in church bulletins to supplement her collections. Her program was featured on “Sew with Nancy,” and since then, requests have poured in from other states and the American Red Cross. Molly is personally responsible for more than 1,000 care cloths, and she has taught 250 people at numerous sewing workshops how to make them, so that “Sew a Smile 4U” can reach as many needy people as possible.