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State Honoree

Kristen Evenson


Kristen Evenson, 18, of Scottsdale, Ariz., a senior at Desert Mountain High School, has donated thousands of pieces of clothing, toys and other gifts for residents of a battered woman’s shelter in her community. Kristen, who plans to study fashion and design after high school, has used her creative skills to assist women and children at a local shelter for more than four years. For her latest project, she solicited donations of fabric from local churches and businesses and then made 49 quilts and 33 dresses for the shelter residents. Previously, she had produced a host of other gifts with holiday themes, including: pillows and teddy bears for the children on Valentine’s Day; Easter baskets in the spring; cosmetic and bath baskets for Mother’s Day; children’s dresses for back-to-school time; and baby clothes for National Baby Month. Kristen supplements her hand-sewn products with donations of toiletry items, goodies, and back-to-school supplies from local businesses. In addition, she now sponsors a family and church in Mexico, and has sent 1,200 pieces of clothing and shoes. “If we could all do just a little bit, what a difference it would make in the struggle to end domestic violence,” Kristen said.