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State Honoree

Michaella Gallina


Michaella Gallina, 13, of Pueblo West, Colo., a seventh-grader at Pueblo West Middle School, organized a rodeo for handicapped children in her community with her 4-H club. Michaella and her friends have raised more than $2,000 in an auction for the event each year since the project began in 1998. She and her club solicit donations of hats and ropes from local businesses and purchase other rodeo supplies. They also constructed “bucking bulls” and “bucking horses” with plywood, barrels and hay for the children to ride. After extensive advertising, 36 children signed up for the two-hour event last year, and were clearly touched and inspired by the experience. “Children can come out of the darkness with just one special thing you do for them,” said Michaella. “It touched my heart to see them smile. I realized just how lucky I am.”