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State Honoree

Jennifer Smith


Jennifer Alexis Smith, 18, of Simsbury, Conn., a senior at Simsbury High School, developed numerous programs to encourage interest in American history among the youth in her community. As a junior volunteer at an historic site in her community, Jennifer Alexis realized that many of the site’s programs were geared toward an adult audience. So, she approached the museum’s director for permission to develop a children’s program. Remembering the tea parties she had with her mother and grandmother, Jennifer Alexis thought it would be fun to develop a program about the history of tea. Her “Tea Party” program was such a hit that Jennifer Alexis developed seven additional programs on other topics and is currently working on a quilting program for youth. “School is not the only environment for children to learn, and they will continue to learn and grow when information is presented to them in age-appropriate fashion,” said Jennifer Alexis. “I also found that many students were ready and willing to volunteer, but they just needed to be asked.”