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State Honoree

Celinda Stanton


Celinda Stanton, 11, of Waimanalo, Hawaii, a sixth-grader at St. Andrew’s Priory in Honolulu, brightened the lives of elderly residents of a long-term care facility by teaching them new skills and providing them with recreational activities. After visiting the facility, where her mother works, Celinda noticed that the residents seemed to enjoy the presence of a young girl, and realized she could make a difference in their lives. During her volunteer time at the facility, she entertains the seniors by performing Japanese and Hawaiian dances, and helps them play games. She also has taught an 80-year-old woman how to use a computer, and regularly assists the staff with recreational activities and filing. “It is important to honor and cherish our elderly and make sure they are cared for in a proper way,” said Celinda. “It’s also a lot of fun! You can touch so many people’s lives.”