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State Honoree

Erin May


Erin May, 17, of Brownstown, Ind., a senior at Brownstown Central High School, helped ignite an explosion of interest in technology and the Internet within her school and town after developing a Web site for her school. After being selected to participate in a self-study computer class, Erin came up with the idea of developing a school Web site. She recruited a couple of classmates to help her, and after two months of late nights learning the HTML language and Web site design, they launched the site. Erin’s principal was so happy with the work they had done, she provided them with the materials and software to maintain the school’s site on a regular basis. Since then, the school system has received more than $300,000 in technology grants, a school technology club has been organized (with Erin elected president), and the entire community has become more aware of the benefits of technology. Erin also has instructed teachers in the use of technology, and conducted summer workshops at DePauw University. “Anyone who is interested in an ‘out-of-reach’ area should go for it and never look back,” said Erin, “because you never know how much your seemingly insignificant project or idea will affect your future, your community, or your outlook on life.”