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State Honoree

Brant Wheeler


Brant Wheeler, 14, of Fountain Run, Ky., an eighth-grader at Barren County Middle School in Glasgow, produced two videos to teach elementary school students what to do in the case of an emergency and to publicize a local after-school mentoring program for struggling students. For his emergency video, Brant filmed a simulated kidnapping, home break-in, car accident and drug sale, working with scripts prepared by the Safespot organization. He also interviewed a police officer and recruited a disc jockey to introduce the film. After filming was complete, Brant edited and created a final version of the tape. This instructional video is now shown to new employees of Safespot and to elementary school children in the community. “I felt this was a way to help others in a time of need,” said Brant. “This may help save someone’s life by showing them what to do.” Brant’s other video highlighted the activities and community supporters of the Barren County Clubhouse, and is being used to help obtain additional funding for the program.