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State Honoree

Elizabeth Steffy


Elizabeth Steffy, 12, of Millington, Md., a member of the Kent County 4-H in Chestertown and a seventh-grader at Galena Middle School in Galena, makes quilts for hospitalized infants with heart conditions. After several long hospitalizations for her own heart problem, Beth wanted to do something to help brighten the spirits of other young patients and their families. “I wanted children to have something new, soft and cuddly instead of those plain hospital blankets,” Beth said. After her mother taught Beth the basics of quilting, she completed her first ‘crazy patch’ quilt. Within a few months, she’d received enough donations and recruited enough classmates to finish 27 more. Beth adds a label to each quilt that reads “From One Heart Kid to Another.” “The quilts I make are for ‘heart kids’ just like me,” Beth said. “I can’t take the worry away from the parents of a sick child, but I can help take away the cold, uncomfortable feeling of a hospital bed.”