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State Honoree

Peter Hastings


Peter Hastings, 18, of Hampden, Maine, a senior at Hampden Academy, created and now coordinates a weekly program that collects unused food from school cafeterias for distribution to a homeless shelter. After noticing the large amounts of untouched food discarded each Friday by his school cafeteria, Peter convinced school officials to donate them to a homeless shelter in nearby Bangor. He then recruited volunteer drivers and set up a delivery schedule. On some Fridays, as many as six large boxes of food are delivered to the shelter. “This program really benefits everybody,” said Peter. “It provides homeless citizens with well-balanced, nutritious meals, and gives students a continuing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. In the end, this project is not really about homelessness, or donating food and time. This project is about earning respect. We earn theirs and they earn ours. Our community is a better place because of it.”