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State Honoree

Jackson Jaworski


Nicholas Jaworksi, 18, of St. Louis, Mo., a senior at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, founded The Hunger Outreach Project (HOP), a student-run organization dedicated to feeding the needy in the St. Louis area and raising public awareness of the hunger issue. Nicholas was bothered by conditions at a local shelter when he and fellow classmates dropped off food they had collected in a school-wide food drive. He realized then that he needed to do more to help ease the problems of hunger and poverty in his community, so he told the shelter’s coordinator he would be back. Soon after that visit, Nicholas gathered together a group of friends and developed the initial concept of HOP – to harness the resources of the community to feed the needy year-round. This small group of friends has since developed into a 200 student-member nonprofit organization. “The HOP is based around a simple idea – if everybody gives a little, it will amount to a lot,” said Nicholas.