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State Honoree

Stevenson Ebers


Zachary Ebers, 14, of St. Louis, Mo., an eighth-grader at Oakville Middle School, led a food drive called the “Breakfast Bonanza” that collected 3,341 boxes of cereal during the summer for children who depend on their schools’ meal programs. Zachary was inspired to coordinate the food drive by his family – both sets of Zachary’s grandparents do a lot of volunteer work at their churches and local food pantries, and his parents have always told him to remember those who are less fortunate. Zachary chose a cereal drive because breakfast is an important meal and he was told that most food banks do not receive a lot of cereal because it is expensive. He sent letters, registration forms and fliers to schools, churches and businesses in his community. “I know that food pantries have a shortage of food over the summer, and families look for help in the summer when the school meal programs aren’t available,” said Zachary. “Nine different food pantries received the cereal and lots of needy kids were able to enjoy a good breakfast.”