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State Honoree

Kimberly Stevenson


Kimberly Stevenson, 14, of McComb, Miss., a member of the Girl Scout Council of Middle Mississippi in Jackson and an eighth-grader at Denman Junior High School, coordinated a clothing collection and giveaway that provided 1,500 pounds of clothes for the needy. Kimberly lives in a poverty-stricken area and was struck by the fact that many children are not as fortunate as she is to have nice clothes to wear. She felt that she could help, so she enlisted the support of her church and her friends. Kimberly publicized her project through newspapers and radio, hung posters around town, and obtained permission to use the local armory for the clothing drive. On the morning of the give-away, people were lined up waiting to take advantage of the free clothing, and all of the items were gone in three hours. Some of those attending were not only needy, but also homeless. “Some of us did not realize that there were homeless people in our area,” said Kimberly, who has committed to conducting the clothing giveaway at least once a year.