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State Honoree

Katherine Lacy


Katherine Lacy, 13, of Hamilton, Mont., a seventh-grader at Westview Junior High School, developed a free audio library for people of all ages who cannot read due to poor eyesight or illness. After receiving permission from her pastor, Kate recruited volunteers from her church’s youth group to assist with the recording and distribution of tapes. They read books out loud and made recordings with both the church’s tape recorder and personal machines, beginning with books in the public domain. Request forms were sent to local agencies so that people could request specific books to be recorded, and Kate’s volunteers also had the opportunity to choose books based on their personal interests. In the future, the group plans to write to publishers for permission to record more recent books. “This project gives a group of kids the chance to learn how to give to others,” said Katherine. “The project doesn’t have to be huge or flashy to be appreciated by those you are working to help.”