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State Honoree

Kelli Krieg

North Dakota

Kelli Krieg, 14, of Dickinson, N.D., an eighth-grader at Hagen Junior High School, volunteers for a variety of community service projects involving seniors, the homeless, and school and church service projects. Kelli’s inspiration came from working on community projects with her grandmother, a lifelong volunteer, and seeing the positive effects of helping others. “I heard endless amounts of thank-you’s,” Kelli said. “I figured that if all it takes is something this little to make people happy, I should be doing this every day.” Kelli’s community service activities include delivering meals to seniors, working at a local soup kitchen, organizing bingo games and other activities at a nursing home, plus any other “odds and ends” necessary to help those around her. “Earlier this year, I lost my grandma, my hero,” Kelli said. “Grandma left behind a journal that told every single person that ever helped her just how much she appreciated it. She is my inspiration and a reminder that I can never give up.”