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State Honoree

Amanda Hendryx


Amanda Hendryx, 16, of Round Mountain, Nev., a junior at Round Mountain Junior/Senior High School, collects warm clothing for the homeless. During a family trip, Amanda was stunned to see people living on the streets of a large city. “I cried,” she said. “I couldn’t believe there were thousands more just like that.” She decided to help. “As the winter months approach, shelters fill up and many homeless people are left out on the street. I made it my goal to help keep them warm.” Amanda prepared ads asking community members to donate unused winter clothing. Family, friends and her high school helped collect and organize donations. Soon her “Share the Warmth” campaign spread throughout the state. Amanda also organized a group of high school and middle level volunteers who participate in clothing drives and special events, and will soon be incorporating a student-to-student reading program for younger children. “The hardest part was learning that people’s opinions are different,” she said. “I had to ask people to look past the shoeless feet or the box a homeless person calls home. I learned that it takes a lot of strength and courage to fight for what you believe in.”