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State Honoree

S. Chance Simpson


Chance Simpson, 15, of Kremlin, Okla., a member of the Garfield County 4-H and a student at Chisholm Middle School in Enid, organized roadside cleanups, collected aluminum cans to benefit a wildlife diversity program, and worked to improve conditions at six dangerous intersections. As an avid outdoorsman, Chance was concerned about the growing litter problem along county roadsides. After reading a magazine article about recycling programs that benefited the Oklahoma Wildlife Diversity Program, Chance decided to get involved. “Not only would participating in this project help rare and unique wildlife, it would provide an incentive to clean up our county roadsides,” he said. After recruiting volunteers from his 4-H Wildlife Club, Chance developed an action plan focusing on roads and areas of the county that would benefit most from a cleanup. He wrote articles for local newspapers and recorded radio public service announcements, then convinced stores and businesses to display posters advertising the cleanup campaign. More than 1,400 pounds of aluminum cans have been collected since Chance started his program, resulting in a donation of $410.23 to the Oklahoma Wildlife Diversity Program. Volunteers picked up litter, cans and glass bottles on more than 12 miles of county roadsides. In addition, Chance kept six hazardous intersections mowed and free of visual obstructions.