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State Honoree

Carolyn Fraguela

Puerto Rico

Carolyn Fraguela, 18, of Rio Piedras, P.R., a senior at Colegio Maristia in Guaynabo, organized and led a two-week summer camp for underprivileged children. As a member of REMAR, a Christian youth movement, Carolyn had volunteered at an annual summer camp for kids whose parents could not afford other options. Last year, after Carolyn was elected camp director, she spent several months raising funds for the camp and recruiting volunteer counselors and camp workers. With all the funds and supplies in place, Carolyn and her team of volunteers planned all of the activities for each day in camp. “No challenge was as intense as preparing ourselves to cope with the emotional and behavioral problems these children present as a result of their life experiences,” Carolyn said. “It was important to learn from the children that they are great human beings who sometimes just need someone to listen, someone to hug them, and someone to tell them they are loved.”