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State Honoree

Zuleika Prodo

Puerto Rico

Zuleika Prado, 15, of Bayamon, P.R., a ninth-grader at Colegio de la Salle, organized a health fair, a first-aid class, and CPR training for students and advisors from the National Junior Honor Society Caribbean Association. After realizing that no one in her school would be able to help an injured or sick student or family member in an emergency, Zuleika first decided to organize a student health fair to provide first aid and CPR training sessions. After receiving permission for her project, Zuleika contacted the American Red Cross, local 911 emergency system workers, nurses and doctors to help teach at the fair. She coordinated supplies, facilities, and publicity for the one-day event, where more than 400 students received first-aid and CPR training. “To see the satisfaction of persons and know that now each one of us feels safer, makes me feel useful,” Zuleika said. “This has made me a more complete human being, more sure of myself and above all more aware that this is something that should be expanded upon for the benefit of all.”