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State Honoree

Krieg Adair


Krieg Adair, 13, of Monticello, Utah, a member of the San Juan County 4-H and a seventh-grader at Monticello School, organized a “Trick or Treat for Food” that collected 350 pounds of canned goods for a food bank. Krieg had participated in this event in the past, and when the food bank couldn’t sponsor it this Halloween, he decided to do it. “It is good for those in need of food, and important for youth to do something in service for others,” said Krieg. In addition to encouraging kids to trick or treat for canned food, he worked with the local elementary school to collect food from students attending the Halloween carnival. At the high school, Krieg placed collection boxes throughout the school to collect more items. By the time all the food was weighed in, he realized that the amount of food collected was twice what the event had yielded in the past – enough to feed 87 children in San Juan County for one week. Krieg is planning to host the event every Halloween.