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State Honoree

Marin Poole


Marin Poole, 17, of Logan, Utah, a junior at Logan High School, is an ambassador for Utah’s “TRUTH from Youth” anti-smoking campaign, for which she has traveled extensively to educate and inform teens about the dangers of smoking. “I cannot tell people what decisions to make, but I can inform, educate and encourage them to make correct and healthy decisions,” said Marin. Her involvement in tobacco issues began when she joined the local Governor’s Youth Council, which promotes healthy lifestyles, and then organized her school’s chapter. That led to an executive committee appointment at the state level, and her selection as the Utah representative for the TRUTH campaign, a national movement against tobacco and its youth-oriented advertising. Marin spent her summer vacation traveling along the West Coast to present anti-smoking presentations at youth gatherings. She is also a Web site moderator for the campaign, responding to various inquiries about the dangers of tobacco, and she has been instrumental in getting bookcovers with subliminal tobacco messages removed from area schools. Finally, Marin has put together smoking cessation kits for expectant mothers and continues to plan awareness events at her school.