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State Honoree

Megan Burrough

West Virginia

Megan Burrough, 15, of Glen Dale, W.Va., a ninth-grader at Sherrard Junior High School in Wheeling, organized a beverage-can tab collection to benefit a local Ronald McDonald House. When several members of a family Megan knew were in an accident and required long-term care at a specialized hospital, the family stayed at a Ronald McDonald House. That’s when Megan first learned how these houses across the country help families avoid the expense of hotel stays, and she decided she wanted to help, too. “Though the family was asked to pay $10 per night, this amount only partially covered the actual cost of their stay,” said Megan, who learned that collecting pull-tabs from beverage cans was a popular Ronald McDonald House fund-raiser. Megan approached her student council and a Community of Caring group, which agreed to assist in her effort. She placed tab collection boxes throughout the school, and soon garbage bags were overflowing. The House was able to purchase sheets, towels, alarm clocks, frozen dinners and more with the money earned from the beverage tabs. Megan plans to host her tab collection annually.