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State Honoree

Harrison Tome


Harrison Tome, 13, of Jackson, Wyo., a member of the Teton County 4-H and a seventh-grader at Jackson Hole Middle School, volunteers at the Museum of Wildlife Art on a weekly basis. When Harrison saw a museum ad seeking volunteers, he remembered how much he enjoyed visiting the museum when he was younger, and jumped at the chance. “I felt working at the museum would be important because it’s a place that has really taught me a lot,” he explained. “I wanted to help others have that same opportunity.” Harrison performs many tasks at the museum, but mostly he educates visitors about wildlife. He dresses up in animal costumes while explaining the habits of different species, presents educational videos, and leads scavenger hunts for children. “The folks I come into contact with leave the museum with a better appreciation of our fragile world, and how it is so important for all of us to keep our world healthy,” Harrison said.