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State Honoree

Latoya Barrett


Latoya Barrett, 17, of Anchorage, Alaska, a junior at West Anchorage High School, organized a donation program that provided 130 disadvantaged children with clothing, books, games and art supplies. Latoya began looking for a community service project after serving as an intern with the Points of Light Foundation, and decided to focus on underprivileged kids. “All children deserve to grow up with the basic needs of life, and if they can’t afford them, then we should come together as a community to find a way to provide them,” she said. Latoya designed flyers asking for donations, promoted the project in the local papers, recruited more than 30 adult and youth volunteers to assist, and prepared collection boxes for placement at local schools and businesses. The collected items were distributed at a special event at the Mountain View Boys & Girls Club last October, where Latoya met one little girl who was particularly excited to get a book because her family had no books at home to read. Latoya also has created a booklet entitled, “Ten Teen Tips for Making a Difference for Kids.”