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State Honoree

Andrew Newton


Andrew Newton, 18, of Florence, Ala., a senior at Mars Hill Bible School, established a computer recycling program that has collected and refurbished more than 100 used PCs over the past two years and donated them to non-profit agencies. Andrew, who grew up using computers, read an article about how some people and groups were being left behind by technology, and decided he could make a difference in his community. “It is important that we all use our talents and resources to aid others,” said Andrew. He approached non-profit agencies to determine their computer needs, and then sought the assistance of experts and volunteers, including members of his Boy Scout troop. He promoted his recycling plan, began collecting donations of used computers, and raised $1,700 to buy new parts and software. Once the machines were ready for their new users, Andrew and his volunteers delivered them to schools, churches and agencies such as the Cerebral Palsy Center and North Alabama Christian Children’s Home. They also taught the staffs of these organizations how to use their new computers, and Andrew continues to provide them with technical support. “I grew from this project more than I ever expected,” Andrew said.