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State Honoree

Brittany Clifford


Brittany Clifford, 13, of Scottsdale, Ariz., a seventh-grader at Scottsdale Christian Academy in Phoenix, started a program called “Fuzzy Feet” that has delivered 2,000 new slippers to children in hospitals and homeless shelters in Arizona, New York and California. The idea for “Fuzzy Feet” came to Brittany after many visits to see her friend Michael in the hospital. “His feet were always freezing,” said Brittany. “A stay in the hospital can be scary, and giving slippers to kids would keep their feet warm and help them feel more at home while they were going through a difficult time.” Brittany wrote to several slipper companies and asked for donations, which she quickly received. She then sorted and tagged all of the donated slippers for delivery to hospitals and homeless shelters. She also has visited other states to encourage kids there to start “Fuzzy Feet” chapters, and has set up her own website. “I know that by giving children something as simple as slippers, it has kept their feet warm and let them know that somebody cares,” Brittany said.