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State Honoree

Anna Rose


Anna Rose, 12, of Elizabeth, Colo., a sixth-grader at Elizabeth Middle School, conducted a community campaign to collect donated school supplies for students in her town who could not afford them. “I came up with the idea because of all the newly added academic and athletic fees imposed this year,” said Anna. “I knew that some families, big and small, couldn’t afford to buy the school supplies that they needed.” Although other school supply drives were taking place at the start of the school year, they all benefited schools in Denver. “I knew that none of those supplies were going to our community,” Anna said, so she decided to do something about it. After receiving her principal’s permission, Anna approached local businesses for their support, placed a drop box in the local post office, and proceeded to walk through town talking to people and passing out letters asking for donations. Anna ended up collecting $500 worth of school supplies, which she then sorted and delivered to five schools in the community. “In my wildest dreams, I never expected to collect that much,” said Anna, who said she can’t wait to do it again next year.