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State Honoree

William Moore

District Of Columbia

William Moore, 13, of Washington, D.C., a seventh-grader at Jefferson Junior High School, collects donations of new and gently used school supplies to send to children in the west African nation of Ghana. During a family trip to Ghana, William visited several schools and universities, including the Aburi School for the Blind. “I felt badly for the children because they were very poor and had no money for the supplies and fees they have to pay to go to school,” he said. When he returned home, William began soliciting donations of school supplies, encyclopedias, and other items from relatives, classmates, neighbors, and staff members at a local educational center. Items are stored in his family’s garage until William arranges shipment to Ghana. As his project expands, William plans to solicit additional donations plus financial support from the community. Some of the donated funds will be used to purchase slates, styluses, and Braille paper for the Aburi School for the Blind. “I have learned that when other people are in need, it isn’t that hard to help,” said William. “Even something as small as a pencil will help someone.”