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State Honoree

Jeffrey Lawson


Jeffrey Lawson, 13, of Newark, Del., a seventh-grader at St. Edmonds Academy in Wilmington, is a peer mentor to second-grade special-education children and also volunteers with the Delaware Special Olympics. While attending elementary school, Jeffrey had volunteered with a special-education class by reading books to its students and giving up his recess time to mentor the children. After Jeffrey transferred to a private school, he missed the kids he had worked with, and decided to go back and volunteer as much as he could. Since private and public schools have different calendars, Jeffrey was able to volunteer twenty days last year. “Volunteering is important because it teaches kindness and good citizenship,” said Jeffrey, who learned the importance of helping others from his father. “I think that growing up watching my dad dedicate his personal time to worthy causes taught me to do the same,” said Jeffrey. He also said he gets a lot of inspiration from the kids he works with. “Each one of them is really cool in their own way,” he said.