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State Honoree

Sonide Blanchard


Sonide Blanchard, 17, of Seaford, Del., a senior at Seaford Senior High School, volunteers a significant amount of her time to tutoring Haitian students in the ESL (“English as a Second Language”) program at her school, and also serving as a translator both for students and adults. When she was much younger, Sonide began translating for her mother and, realizing how much that helped her, she was soon translating for people throughout the Haitian community. “I feel that I am helping the community rise and I am helping the Haitian people adapt to a new culture,” said Sonide. Later, she was inspired by her French teacher to not only translate, but to tutor other students. She now spends two hours a day working with ESL students to help them succeed in school despite their limited English skills. Sonide said that dedication and a strong sense of responsibility have been key to her accomplishments. “To me, being a volunteer is very important,” she said. “My goal is for the community to grow each and every day, and I am dedicated to accomplishing that goal.”