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State Honoree

Daniel Kent


Daniel Kent, 14, of Carmel, Ind., an eighth-grader at Carmel Junior High School, is an active advocate for youth issues and perspectives as a reporter for Y-Press, a children’s news service sponsored by the Indianapolis Star, and as a member of the Indianapolis Children’s Museum’s Youth Advisory Council. Daniel wanted to volunteer for Y-Press, he said, “because when a difficult subject should be discussed, sometimes a youth will listen best to another youth.” As a reporter for the news service, Daniel submits story ideas, researches and develops interview questions, gathers information and then prepares stories that sometimes appear in the Star. “We write original articles that are relevant to other kids from our own perspective,” Daniel said. “Also, we tell important stories about other kids that are leaders and whose successes can inspire us all.” He also helps out with office work, and is now training to become an editor. As a member of the Youth Advisory Council of the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Daniel helps create activities that provide other youth with leadership development opportunities, and reports on museum activities for Y-Press. In addition, he volunteers as a computer assistant to senior citizens and a desk assistant for the Carmel Public Library’s Teen Volunteer Corps.