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State Honoree

Bryan Frost


Bryan Frost, 14, of Eddyville, Neb., an eighth-grader at Sumner-Eddyville-Miller Public School in Sumner, spent last summer volunteering as an assistant to two teachers at a rural elementary school, and then organized a raffle to help pay for classroom programs and supplies at the school. Inspired by his mother’s work as a multi-grade classroom teacher, Bryan volunteered as a summer school assistant in two classrooms at Oconto School, tutoring struggling readers, helping with art lessons, and organizing a weekly crafts project. “While I was there, I saw that my own school had many opportunities that Oconto School did not have because of their smaller enrollment,” Brian said. “I saw that I could help with extra educational programs if I would do something to help raise additional money.” As a result, Bryan planned and implemented a school raffle, raising $245 to help purchase needed classroom materials. In the future, Bryan hopes to continue raising funds and volunteering in classrooms. “Giving of my time is never difficult,” he said. “I like helping others. I feel like it’s just the right thing to do.” Bryan was also Nebraska’s middle level State Honoree in 2002.