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State Honoree

Holly Adamson


Holly Adamson, 17, of Las Vegas, Nev., a senior at Clark High School, created the Volunteer Youth Corps of Southern Nevada, a network linking middle and high school students with a variety of volunteering opportunities in Southern Nevada. After her mother’s near-fatal illness helped Holly recognize the need for caring and compassionate acts in her own life, she looked for a place that allowed teens to volunteer. Nothing was available, so Holly decided to start her own organization, and contacted the Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada for guidance. She spent countless hours writing grant applications, soliciting donations from local businesses, and contacting middle and high schools to promote youth volunteerism and attract participants in her youth corps. Today, youth corps volunteers contribute their time and talents to a variety of projects, including helping homeless teens, assisting senior citizens with home repairs, providing school supplies for needy children, training middle school students in conflict resolution, and cleaning up parks. “I was once told that if I do not stand for something, then I would fall for anything,” Holly said. “Las Vegas youth now have something to stand for.”