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State Honoree

Clare Rosenfeld


Clare Rosenfeld, 16, of Eugene, Ore., a junior at South Eugene High School, founded and now leads the International Diabetes Youth Ambassadors, an organization dedicated to helping young people afflicted with diabetes, raising funds for diabetes research, and educating the public about the disease. “Because I live with diabetes, I understand the daily struggles of living with a chronic illness,” Clare said. “I also understand how easy it can be to lose hope. I decided not to be drawn down by this, but to do something positive about it.” Working on the local, state, national and international level, Clare inspires youth with diabetes to do something positive about their disease. Her efforts include establishing a fund for diabetes cure research, encouraging elected officials to pay more attention to diabetes, and extensive travel and public speaking. Clare answers more than 150 weekly letters and e-mail messages from children with diabetes, and spends hours counseling those newly diagnosed with the disease. “I believe what we do in our communities is like a pebble in the pond,” Clare said. “The ring I make will inspire someone else to make another, and another. I may never know the full impact of my efforts, but hopefully someone else will gain from them.”