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State Honoree

Laura Fisher


Laura Fisher, 17, of Houston, Texas, a senior at Memorial Senior High School, created and teaches a Saturday afternoon art class for young cancer patients at Texas Children’s Hospital. When Laura spent a week in the hospital a few years ago, she discovered how difficult a hospital stay can be, and the joy of going home. She also realized that “there are many children that had gone through so much more than I did,” said Laura. “Many will never go home.” Since Laura loves art, she felt that art classes would bring enjoyment and enrichment to these children, especially those terminally ill. First, she approached the hospital’s volunteer directors, who approved her project and donated supplies. Then, in order to recruit additional volunteers, Laura started an art club at her high school. She spent hours developing the program and has been teaching the class weekly since last July. “Momentarily, these classes help the children escape into another world, away from their hospital rooms, nurses, and doctors,” said Laura.