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State Honoree

Brandon Holfeltz


Brandon Holfeltz, 14, of Salt Lake City, Utah, an eighth-grader at Bryant Intermediate School, performs a wide variety of volunteer jobs for the Children’s Museum of Utah, including teaching crafts, helping visitors, cleaning galleries, planning events, and helping to raise funds. When a friend told him that the Children’s Museum needed teen volunteers, Brandon didn’t hesitate. “I decided to volunteer for two reasons,” he said. “It was important to me to give service to my community, and I thought it would give me valuable experience to obtain a future job.” At first Brandon moved from gallery to gallery, but soon he began giving demonstrations and helping children do arts and crafts activities. He later became president of the museum’s junior board, where he helped raise funds and plan special events, including a large Easter egg hunt. “The most memorable part of this activity for me was having fun while helping others,” Brandon said. “I would really encourage other young people to volunteer. It is a rewarding experience and opportunity because you are truly helping in ways that you couldn’t otherwise.”