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State Honoree

Christine Horsman


Christine Horsman, 12, of Seattle, Wash., a seventh-grader at Villa Academy, organized a school project that raised $2,600 to purchase school supplies to enable 480 Afghan children to return to school after the recent war in their country. After the September 11 terrorist attacks, Christine wanted to help the American Red Cross and while surfing the organization’s website, she read a message from President Bush about the need for school supplies in Afghanistan. “Many children in Afghanistan, especially girls, were not allowed to go to school,” said Christine. “After the war, they opened the schools again but the country had no money for supplies.” Touched by this incredible need, Christine contacted the Red Cross, and then asked her school’s director for permission to start a fundraiser. Christine placed donation cans throughout her school, spoke to every class, and made regular announcements. She also recruited friends and local businesses to help. When the campaign was over, Christine was able to fill 40 school chests with paper, pencils, crayons, chalk, jump ropes and soccer balls. “Even though I helped so many people, probably the person that benefited the most was me,” said Christine.