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State Honoree

Kirsten Krueger


Kirsten Krueger, 13, of Black River Falls, Wis., a member of the Jackson County 4-H and an eighth-grader at Black River Falls Middle School, built a learning and activity center for young children at the Jackson County Fair. After noticing that young children at the fair needed age-appropriate activities and a safe place to wait for their parents, Kirsten created the concept for “Krazy for Kids,” a free learning center for children between the ages of 2 and 7. After obtaining funding from grants and local businesses, Kirsten made samples of craft activities. She designed posters, conducted newspaper and radio interviews, and then piloted her project at two one-day events prior to the fair. When it was time for the fair, Kirsten solicited teen volunteers to help, created a work schedule, and set up her booth. Young children enjoyed making crafts, having their faces painted, playing with puzzles and eating snacks, freeing their parents to spend more time on less child-oriented exhibits. Kirsten has been asked to conduct her project again at this year’s fair.