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State Honoree

Katelyn Stricker


Katelyn Stricker, 13, of Basin, Wyo., a sixth-grader at Cloud Peak Middle School in Manderson, mowed lawns for seniors and disabled people in her community. When Katelyn learned that some seniors and disabled people couldn’t care for their own yards and were trying to find help mowing their lawns, she decided to volunteer. “I was going to make a good person out of myself,” Katelyn said, “so I can show my neighborhood who I really am.” Katelyn and a friend set up after-school and weekend times to mow and care for the lawns, working whenever they had time. “Nothing was difficult,” she said. “I just like doing stuff for people.” Katelyn plans to continue, vowing to help anyone in need. “When you help someone in need you will feel good inside,” she said.