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State Honoree

Kaitlyn Mulhollan


Kaitlyn Mulhollan, 18, of Chandler, Ariz., a senior at Corona del Sol High School in Tempe, has helped build 10 houses for needy families over the past five years as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, and now serves as a team leader for the local Habitat chapter. Accompanied by her father, Kaitlyn worked on her first house when she was just 13 years old, and has since shown up early every Saturday morning when projects were under way (about 35 Saturdays per year). "The moment you arrive on a Habitat site you know that something great is being done for the community and the people involved," she said. "The attitudes and personalities that surround you create a positive atmosphere that's hard to ignore." Three years ago, Kaitlyn was promoted to team leader, with responsibility for guiding and assisting small groups of volunteers in their assigned construction tasks. In addition to laboring on the construction sites, Kaitlyn has worked to educate others about Habitat for Humanity's mission, recruited friends and classmates to join the effort, and persuaded her employer, California Pizza Kitchen, to provide meals for construction volunteers. "I not only have learned the techniques and skills required to build a house from the ground up, but also have been shown the difference a small group of people can make to their community and to the world," said Kaitlyn.