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State Honoree

Anna Schuck


Anna Schuck, 17, of Wilmington, Del., a senior at The Charter School Of Wilmington, founded a school club that has raised more than $28,000 to help build a boys school in Uganda by organizing benefit rock concerts. The H.U.G. Club (for "Helping the Underprivileged Globally") was launched after Anna saw a documentary about the horrific effects of a 21-year civil war in northern Uganda. "I couldn't bear to watch the injustices taking place before me," said Anna. "Why was no one doing anything? How could we sit back and watch millions of people suffer and do nothing?" While Anna's club has worked on several projects, its biggest undertaking was "Rock Uganda," a series of seven concerts featuring more than 40 rock bands. For each show, Anna secured the venue, recruited the performers, distributed promotional flyers, obtained donations from local businesses, and enlisted a large group of young volunteers to help at the event. With more than 300 youth attending each concert, the shows have raised $14,500 to provide dormitories, sanitation facilities, teachers, books and other necessities for the Sir Samuel Baker Secondary School in Uganda. And many more people have been made aware of the strife in Uganda and the plight of children there, according to Anna.