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State Honoree

Taylor Leavitt


Taylor Leavitt, 14, of Melba, Idaho, an eighth-grader at Melba Middle School, has played a key role in a variety of volunteer projects over the past couple of years, and has made a strong impression with his enthusiasm for helping others. When a local family lost their son, Taylor wanted to ease their pain, so he loaded up yard tools and called around to get more than a dozen fellow Boy Scouts to join him in mowing the family's lawn, picking up their yard and cleaning out their garage. "This was a great, unique opportunity to reach out to others in need," he said. When his church organized a work party to help move people into his community, Taylor was more than happy to carry boxes. When his school scheduled a visit to a local senior citizen residence, Taylor saw it as a great chance to get to know the seniors and have fun with them. Through these and other volunteer experiences, Taylor said, "I grew and became a better person. It helped me become a harder worker, and to feel like I'd done something good, which is a great feeling!"