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State Honoree

Carter Boyd


Carter Boyd, 14, of Shreveport, La., an eighth-grader at Caddo Middle Magnet School, collects new and used athletic equipment to give to needy kids, and conducts demonstrations on how to use the equipment safely. An avid sports lover, Carter wanted to share his passion with others, but saw that many children could not afford the proper gear. "I looked at all my sports equipment and realized I had more than I could ever use," said Carter. "I thought I could begin giving my equipment to others." The idea grew from there.

To solicit donations, Carter contacted friends and relatives, distributed flyers at his school, made an announcement in his church bulletin, set up drop-off sites throughout the community, and enlisted the help of his Boy Scout troop. He also secured donations from local sporting goods stores. In his first distribution, Carter responded to an immediate need for tennis racquets at a local school. Next, he gave a variety of sports equipment to about 100 children at a local YMCA and taught them how to use the equipment safely. Carter says he hopes his effort, which he named BAGS (for "Be A Good Sport"), enables those less fortunate to not only share his love of sports, but also to develop healthy exercise habits. "Seeing the children come up to me to receive their sports items made me feel really good about volunteering," he said.