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State Honoree

Nicholas Mozer


Nicholas Mozer, 13, of Blue Springs, Mo., an eighth-grader at Moreland Ridge Middle School, helped his family raise more than $183,000 for pediatric cancer research over the past four years by operating lemonade stands throughout the Kansas City area. Nicholas' brother, Jacob, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma as a baby. "Fortunately, he survived, but many other kids don't," said Nicholas. "I want them to have the same opportunity to live as he did."

Nicholas' family began selling lemonade when they learned about Alex Scott, a young cancer patient who founded a nationwide network of Alex's Lemonade Stands. Each year, Nicholas not only sells and serves lemonade, but assists in recruiting volunteers to run the family's 24 lemonade stands over a two-day period. In addition, he created a slideshow presentation for the corporate sponsors, maintains a Web site, helps publicize the event, and helps out in other ways to make sure everything runs smoothly. "I still remember to this day what it was like getting through my brother's cancer," said Nicholas. "No one should suffer, and that is why I am working to cure this horrible disease."