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State Honoree

Brianna Hartford

New Hampshire

Brianna Hartford, 14, of Littleton, N.H., an eighth-grader at Daisy Bronson Middle School, volunteered to help her former elementary school art teacher almost every day after school last year. Brianna began assisting the teacher during recesses while she was still in elementary school, and then offered to continue even after graduating to middle school. "Helping my former art teacher was important to me, because she had been a great teacher," Brianna said.

During her after-school work sessions four days a week, Brianna performed a variety of tasks, including sorting and delivering completed student projects to homerooms, washing tables, cleaning floors, putting materials away and organizing shelves. She also told fellow middle school students about her project and encouraged them to help their former elementary teachers. "I learned from my volunteer experience that it is important to set aside time each day to help others and to always help people who have helped you in the past," said Brianna.