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State Honoree

Isac Shephard


Isac Shephard, 13, of Arapaho, Okla., a seventh-grader in the Arapaho Public Schools, has volunteered at a Cub Scout day camp for the past two summers to ensure that young campers have a fun and rewarding experience. Isac, who attended the camp when he was younger, said, "I knew there was a need for volunteers. Without volunteers, it would be impossible to have a successful camp for the boys who want to attend."

At the camp, Isac taught young boys how to handle a BB gun safely and what to do if they find a real gun in their house or yard. He also was placed in charge of keeping activity stations supplied with ice water, and stood in for adult volunteers when they were needed to chaperone scouts who did not have a parent or other adult to accompany them. But most of the time, Isac's job was to make the scouts feel comfortable around their fellow campers and help them get the most out of their activities. "I hope that by my willingness to share my time, I will influence other scouts to do the same," said Isac.