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State Honoree

Sean McAdam


Sean McAdam, 13, of Lewisberry, Pa., an eighth-grader at Allen Middle School in Camp Hill, has helped his adoptive family nurture and mentor more than 100 foster children in their home since he was a young boy. Sean was a foster child until adopted at the age of 3. "I now have this great life and owe it all to foster care and this wonderful family," he said. "Foster kids need a lot of love and attention, and I am happy that I can contribute some of this to them."

When new foster children come into his home, Sean tries to figure out their unique needs and challenges, and then works to befriend them and gain their trust so that they'll feel comfortable talking about their problems. "I let them know they can count on me for help and leadership when things get tough," he said. He eagerly shares his time and possessions with his foster brothers and sisters, and always remembers how important it is to serve as a good role model for them. In addition, Sean asks his peers at school and on his baseball and football teams to accept and include his foster siblings in their activities. "No child should go without someone who cares for them, loves them, and wants to teach them right from wrong," Sean said. "I am looking forward to working with many more foster kids, and I am excited about the challenges they bring."