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State Honoree

Claire Trombley


Claire Trombley, 12, of Bristol, Vt., a seventh-grader at Mt. Abraham Middle School, has actively served her community over the past five years through a variety of volunteer roles. When she was in the second grade, Claire began to volunteer at her church, both as an altar server and as a helper at the annual Christmas bazaar. As time went on, Claire started to help with the church's fund-raising projects for the needy by making and selling cards. "I made the cards for the needy because I felt it would be nice and a good way to get involved," said Claire. Another of Claire's volunteer projects is getting up early in the morning to band the legs of songbirds for research, something she learned to do at a nature event. Finally, Claire has assisted the American Red Cross with various community blood drives by serving as a canteen helper or "blood bag girl." "When I work at the blood drives, I feel that I am helping to save a life in an indirect way," said Claire.