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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Piper Biggs

Piper Biggs


Piper Biggs, 12, of Dover, Del., a member of the Kent County 4-H in Dover and a sixth-grader at Campus Community School, conducted a food drive last summer that provided 678 pounds of food for a mens shelter and an orphanage in her city. The idea came to her one day while she was relaxing at home: I should do I food drive! While food drives during traditional holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are important, people are going hungry throughout the year, she said. I wanted to show people that giving should happen all the time.

Piper appealed for donations with a flyer and through social media. She put a large donation box outside her house and asked local businesses to host donation boxes, as well. It wasnt long before people in her community were dropping off cans and boxes of food, and friends and family outside the area were sending checks in support of her project. Piper and her mother collected all the food from the donation boxes and used the cash donations to purchase additional products in bulk at a warehouse store. Piper helped stock the shelters pantry with her supplies, and then had the opportunity to serve dinner to the residents. It was awesome to see their faces, she said. Surplus food items were taken to an orphanage in Dover. It was so great and heartwarming to see the reaction of those who donated and the impact of giving outside of holiday time, said Piper.