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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Morgan Border

Morgan Border


Morgan Border, 14, of Fort Dodge, Iowa, a member of the Webster County 4-H in Fort Dodge and a seventh-grader at Saint Edmond Catholic School, organized a fundraiser in which 60 people swam more than 2,000 laps doing the breaststroke to generate over $8,000 to fight breast cancer. Morgan had been volunteering with her family at a mens shelter every month, but felt uncomfortable there. She told her parents that instead she wanted to do something as a volunteer that she really enjoyed. Since Morgan is a competitive swimmer who loves the breaststroke, she decided on a breaststroke fundraiser to treat breast cancer patients and support research.

Morgan solicited advice and promotional assistance from local cancer fundraising groups, asked her swim coach for permission to use a school pool, and contacted her county 4-H coordinator to help publicize the need for donors and swimmers. Then she printed event flyers and T-shirts; canvassed local businesses for donations; gave talks to school classes; and used a radio station, a local newspaper and a YouTube video to promote her Stay A-Breast fundraiser. She also recruited breast cancer survivors to share their stories and be lap counters at the event. When it was over, Morgan was able to present checks of more than $4,000 each to the Trinity Cancer Center and the American Cancer Society.